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The Golden Triangle

Info Trekking
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Trekking Highlights around Kyaing Tong (Keng Tung)

Hokyin Area (Akha, Lahushi, Khun, and Wa tribes) – moderate treks

It is about an hour drive away from Keng Tung to the place where you leave your car and begin 1.5hr trek to Akhar villages. There are basically two to three villages to visit, including Phata and Na Phi Phank with different religious backgrounds and lifestyles. Another 30 minutes trek will lead to Na Phi Phank village, where Lahu and Akha tribes living together. Another visit can be made to Mong Zine (Khun Village) where traditional Lahu Knives are being made by Lahu blacksmiths. On the way back to Keng Tung, the Wa village of Joe Phyu can also be visited.

Pin Tauk Area (Lahu, Eng, Akhar tribes – Easy to Moderate)

It is about 45-mins drive from Keng Tung along the scenic valley, fringed by the hazy mountains that separate Myanmar and Lao, and portrayed with green carpeted farms, quiet Khun villages, and dotted monasteries with Lana influenced architecture. Pindauk itself is a Lahu settlement located in the northeast of Keng Tung. Normally at least two Akhar villages (Nam Lin Mai & Nam Lin Hong); and Eng (often referred as the “Black Teeth People”) village of Wan Mai are most visited. Another attraction is the Pindauk waterfalls surround by the orchards. For the serious walkers, a visit to the combination of three Akhar villages, Buddhist, Baptist, and Animist villages can be made.

Wan Pauk (Silver Palaung) & Wan Sai (Akhi) villages – easy treks

On the way to Pin Tauk area, Wan Pauk village can be visited following an unpaved road passing through several Khun villages and scenic elevated rice fields. The silver Palaung tribe at Wan Pauk village can be distinguished from their golden Palaung kinfolk by the silver belt worn on their wrists.

The Wan Sai village is about 30-mins (9km) drive from Keng Tung. The road passes through some typical Shan villages, old wats, spirit shrines and green fields of rice on the road to Wan Sai village, where Akhi people live on the forest-clad hill top.

Lwe Mwe (Loi Mwe) – Easy to moderate

Lwe Mwe is an old colonial outpost located 33km southeast of Keng Tung, and sits on top the mountain of 1600 meters. The road to Loi Mwe is pretty jagged especially when ascending, but Khun villages, views of terraced rice fields, forest clad winding road, serene lakes, and the temperate climate are the rewards. There are a number of colonial buildings, a century-old Catholic Church, and a market next to the reservoir can be visited. Along the road, Wan Lun Shan village, HoLup Akha village, and Nang Cho Wa village and Panwai Lahu village can be visited.


Wan Nyut & Wan Seng Villages (Loi or Lwe tribe, and Khuns) – moderate to hard

The visit to these villages required one full day as the starting point is located not far away from the Chinese border town of Mongla, some 85km north of Keng Tung. It will take around 2-hours from Kyaing Tong to the place where the trek begins. The road itself is an attraction, as it passing through expense valley dotted with green fields, fish ponds, interesting villages of Khun people and stunning mountain sceneries along the ridge-road. The trek is not so easy but the trail leading the villages has quite rewarding atmosphere, especially the old monastery just before the village that dated from 1750AD has very interesting story and impressive woodworks. Since, Wan Nyht and Wan Seng villages are located far from the reach of outside influences, there one can witness centuries-old traditions, from hunting methods, to community based living, where at least 5-families living in a huge longhouses – a rewarding experience.




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