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Road to Mandalay Cruises

Cruise Info Bhamo Special Cruise Shorter Cruise
between  MDL & BGN

Discover Myanmar with Road to Mandalay Luxury

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Available Cruises

Premier Cruise:

11 Nights - Mandalay-Bhamo-Bagan
Departing on Wednesdays.

Between Royal Mandalay & Ancient Bagan:

7 Nights - Mandalay-Bagan-Mandalay
Departing on Wednesdays.

7 Nights - Bagan-Mandalay-Bagan
Departing on Saturdays.

4 Nights - Bagan-Mandalay
Departing on Saturdays.

3 Nights - Mandalay-Bagan
Departing on Wednesdays

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Few places on earth remain untouched in their natural beauty and charm from one century to the next. The ancient land of Burma, now known as Myanmar, is however, an exception to the rule.
Myanmar is a jewel that remained hidden for decades, but which is now opening up to the world, revealing astonishing natural beauty and an unparalleled cultural heritage.
With a civilization that's more than 2,500 years old, Myanmar (previously Burma) is a mysterious and magical land with magnificent temple architecture and timeless landscapes. Everywhere a visitor travels they will encounter welcoming and hospitable people.
A journey along the Ayeyarwady River with the Road To Mandalay is a voyage of a lifetime. From this mighty river, which runs the length of the country, treasures can be admired which have for so long been hidden from the world’s gaze.

Ayeyarwaddy River

Perhaps the most pleasurable way to see Myanmar, feel its pulse, live its legends and understand its history, is to travel the Ayeyarwady River. While enjoying the river's tranquility, life on the riverbank offers endless fascination.

From the small teak and bamboo dwellings, home to the excited children who run along the riverbank and the women purposefully going about their daily chores, to the ox carts cultivating fields, a river cruise gives a unique insight into the way of life of the country. Elegant monasteries rise above canopied trees, and ruined ancient temples reveal a wealth of historic treasures.

The Ayeyarwady River still remains Myanmar's lifeline, the people and economy ever dependent on its vital natural source. Ferries, bamboo rafts, barges and fishing boats, all ply their trade along these waters, at a slow relaxed pace - there is no need to hurry in Myanmar. Over the centuries Myanmar has developed around the banks of this mighty river making it the ideal vantage point from which to experience this once isolated nation.




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