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Northern Myanmar

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Puta O-base Himalayan Expeditions

In the far and remote part of northern Myanmar, surrounded by some of Southeast Asia’s highest ice-capped peaks of Himalayan Range, lies the peaceful town of Puta O, the last biggest town of the northern Myanmar, and the gateway to the unique frontier explorations – from trekking journeys into the ecologically rich dense forests and snow-capped mountains that separate Myanmar from India’s Arunachal Pradesh; ethnic tribal village adventure trips to some of Myanmar’s most colorful tribes: Rawang, Lisu, and Khamti Shan; to the challenging whitewater rafting trips on Nam Lang River and more testing Mayhka River – literally know as “Everest of Rivers”!

Puta O was known as “Fort Hertz”, a military outpost during Second World War. The town actually sits on a hilltop of 420m above sea level. To the north of the town lies Southeast Asian highest peak, Hkakabo Razi soaring at 5889m, conquered once by Takeshi Ozaki and his native pilot Nama Johnson, and snowcapped year round. A National Park was established by the govt. according to the continuous efforts of WCS, supervised by Alan Rabinowitz who is the author of Beyond the Last Village. This is the home for the hundreds of butterfly species, Himalayan Black bear, the red panda, and the red goral. The immediate regions of Puta O offers stunning views of Himalayan range that borders northern India and Tibet and picturesque rice terraces, the forgotten hill tribes where their way of life unchanged for centuries, the untouched sub-tropical forests that have huge biodiversity, the scenic Nam Lang River valley and canyon where the headwaters of might Ayerwaddy begins its epic journey. The Puta O surrounding is distinguished for the incredibly intact and the most biologically diverse regions of Indochina – the transition zone of where the Indo-Malayan species come to overlap with the Sino-Himalayan species. Huge range of endemic animals including Takin (Budorcas Taxicolor), Red Panda (Ailurus Fulgens), Black Bears, Black Deer, and other terrestrial species of monkeys, Boars, Mountain goats, to the various kinds of butterflies as well as some of endangered species like Kaiser, Apollo, Bhutan, Glory and Birdwings can be found in the regions of the common climax old growth forests and high alpine meadows, where also many of world’s rarest flowers blossom – including Black Orchids, different colors of Rhododendrons, and Maples etc…in fact, the entire Puta O region offers many of picturesque & exciting treks in the world’s last greatest wilderness.

Puta O can only be reached by air from Yangon or Mandalay on one of most reliable private airlines in Myanmar, Air Bagan, which has twice a week flights. The most convenient season for visiting this area is from November to April.






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