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Home > Adventure Tours Collections > Myanmar Himalayan Ultimate Hikes

Myanmar Himalayan Ultimate Hikes

Ultimate Hikes Puta O Info Map

Operating Period: From November to April


The 12-Day ultimate hike is one of most picturesque trekking trips to the least visited wilderness area and radical topography on earth in the eastern Himalayas, the headwaters of Ayerwaddy River. The trip is aimed to conqueror the peak of Mt Phonkanrazi, soaring at 3506-meters above sea level, offering spectacular views to India’s Arunachal Pradesh in the west and the Puta O valley in the east. The hike begins from the frontier village of upper Shan Gaung over a 1500-m pass into the dense tropical Nam Lang River valley where the last village of Ziyar Dam, an isolated Rawang settlement, lies. Then, take the ancient hunting trails beyond human inhabitants traversing pristine old growth forests and alpine meadows to the glaciated peaks, while making a couple of overnight camp stays en route is truly adventurous.


The “ultimate hikes” begins and ends in Puta O. This trip can start both from Yangon, Mandalay, or Myitkyina and vice visa, so that it can combine with any of our cultural tours. Air Bagan, a privately operated airline in Myanmar, has twice-weekly flights on Tuesdays and Fridays but the frequency may increase in the near future. So far, it is necessary to fly Puta O on Fridays for a 12-day tour. However, if you intend to spend three more days in Puota O area, both Tuesdays and Fridays are fine.


Puta O
Budget wise – you can choose to stay at luxury The Lisu lodge or at simple and basic Hkakabo guesthouse

It is necessary to bring your sleeping bag, but our porters will carry it for you

We will provide the essential camping equipments


We would highly recommend purchasing the full comprehensive insurance coverage

Itinerary Overview:      

Day Opt. 1 Opt. 2 Trip / Hike Sleeping
1 Fri


From (Yangon / Mandalay / Myitkyina) – fly to Puta O by Air Bagan arriving 11:00am – after a short break – transfer to upper Shan Gaung village of Rawang tribe by jeeps (14-miles/22km) Village house
2 Sat Wed Trek 12m/19km to Warsa Dam village over a pass 1500m above sea level Village house
3 Sun Thu Trek 13m/21km to Ziyar Dam, the last village via Awardam village Village house
4 Mon Fri Trek 13m/21km to Big Tree Camp Camp stay
5 Tue Sat Trek 8m/9.6km to snowline camp (the campsite will vary depending on the weather Condit.) Camp stay
6 Wed Sun Conqueror the peak of Mt Phonkanrazi (3506M) from snowline camp Camp stay
7 Thu Mon Descending to Big Tree Camp Camp stay
8 Fri Tue Descending to Ziyar Dam village Village house
9 Sat Wed Trek to Warsa Dam village Village house
10 Sun Thu Trek to Upper Shan Gaung village Village house
11 Mon Fri Return to Puta O by car – tour to Mulashidi and Puta O environs in the afternoon Make your choice
12 Tue Sat Puta O market visit – fly to (Mandalay, Yangon, or Myitkyina) and combine with any of our cultural tours NIL
If you take Option 1, you may leave on Day-12 or extend your stay in Puta O until Day-15
If you take
Option 2, you cannot leave Puta O on Day-12, but only on Day-15
13 Wed Sun Activities could be advice depending on your interest Make your choice
14 Thu Mon Activities could be advice depending on your interest Make your choice
15 Fri Tue Fly to (Mandalay, Yangon, or Myitkyina) and combine with any of our cultural tours NIL

Please contact Santa Maria for detailed itinerary, the tour price, and further information

courtesy of eastern safaris

courtesy of eastern safaris

courtesy of eastern safaris




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