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Mt Victoria National Park & Chin Village Walks

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Mt Victoria (Myanmar)

Natma Taung (or) Kaw Nu Symm/Thum is what locally known to Mt Victoria of Myanmar’s third highest peak at the altitude of 10500ft (3200m), and located at the southern part of mountainous Chin State, is an area of great biodiversity with many forms of rare flora and fauna. Mt Victoria is a home to numerous temperate and sub-alpine species as well as temperate semi-evergreen and evergreen forests with 2500 vascular plant species. Through hiking to the summit with stunning views reaching out from the plains of central Myanmar, Bay of Bengal, and to the neighboring country of Bangladesh, visitors may discover coniferous, broad-leave evergreen, montane, pine, & oak forests; medicinal plants, wild orchids, lianas, cycads, and most prominent flowering tree – rhododendrons… etc. These forests, which grow on top of the mountains, are thickly covered with mosses and ferns as it wrapped with green woolen sweaters, are not only sustaining many endemic plants and animals but also serve as the source of water to many rivers and streams. The Mt Victoria National Park and the surrounding Chin settlements offer various hiking trips of Nature studies and Ethnic adventure tours of tattooed face Chin villages to the Bird Watching of some rare and endangered indigenous and migratory birds including Nuthatches, Pheasants, Hornbills, and Babblers.


Starting & Ending City: BAGAN

Operating Season: November to April

Accessibility: The trip to Mt Victoria can now easily be made from Bagan via two popular routes; 1Bagan-Chauk-Saw-Kanpetlet-Bagan or 2Bagan-Pakokku-Pauk-Kyauktu-Kangyi-Mindat-Mt Victoria-Bagan. It is possible to make a looping trip like: Bagan-Chauk-Saw-Kanpetlet-Mt Victoria-Mindat-Kangyi-Kyauktu-Pauk-Pakokku-Bagan or vice visa. Whichever road you take to Mt Victoria, you will drive through picturesque villages and farms quite different from other parts of central Myanmar as well as safari across deep jungles of renowned Pondaung-Ponnyar range, home to the Origins of Human beings after the findings of a 45 million-year-old primate – of which (said to be) humans evolved.

Type of Vehicles: Reconditioned Jeeps from WWII era and 4x4 Double Cabs without air-conditioner

Places to stay: Kanpetlet: There is a simple, eco-friendly, charming guesthouse with 9-Chin traditional huts built at an elevation of 2400 meters above the sea level.

Mindat: There are two places to stay; the government operated Kaw Nu Guesthouse and privately owned Victoria guesthouse, both with very limited number of rooms and basic facilities – shared bath & toilets, hot-water bucket etc.

Important: It is necessary to make pre-arrangements to visit Mt Victoria as it’s required to get “Special Permissions” from two ministries that required at least 30-days before your arrival to Yangon.

Further Information of Mt Victoria (Nat Ma Taung) National Park – Myanmar

1. Location
Located between 21 24 N and 93 ‘55’ E in Kanpet –let, Mindut and Matupi Townships of Chin State.

2. Area
279 square miles

3. Year of Establishment
Established in 1994

4. Access
Yangon to Bagan-Nyaung –Oo (320 miles by flight / by car),Bagan to Chauk (18 miles), Chauk to Hsaw (69 miles), Hsaw to Kanpelet (12 miles) by car

5. Forest/Vegetative Types
  Hill Evergreen Forests
  Moist Upper Mixed Deciduous Forests
  Pine Forests (above 9000 feet)
  Hill Savannah

6. Wildlife
Mammals such as tiger bear wild board, leopard, guar, serow, gibbon, etc. and 159 bird species, reptiles and butterfly are present

7. Opportunities for Study and Recreation
  Recreation and viewing of the natural mountain scenery
  Visiting the third highest Mountain in Myanmar which is (10018) feet high, and hiking a distance of 15 miles from the old Kan-pet-let
   city , or driving 10 miles by car from Kan-pet-city and hiking another 3.5miles to the peak
  Observation of 159 bird species including 5 indigenous species and also Blyth’s Tragopan, a very rare species
  Participation in organized Orchid Tours where the most attractive Myanmar Orchids exist
  Observing the traditional and cultural heritage of Chin people and their living systems
  Observing the natural forest and trees, especially Rhododendron arboretum




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