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The charming hill station Kalaw sits on the western edge of Shan plateau at the altitude of approx. 1350-meters. It was established by the British to be a summer resort hill station. The main living quarters are established in the valley, whereas the charming colonial buildings can be seen on the circular road developed on the hills that encircled the town. There are a number of Gurakhas who once served in the British army still living in the town, together with some retired government servicemen, and other tribes of the region. Due to the peaceful & charming atmosphere, and the perfect temperature even in the period of Myanmar hottest months, Kalaw has been an escape-villa for everyone, making possible to choose several hotels in this minute area. Kalaw is worth to stay for at least two nights just to soak up in its Pine-fumed colonial ambiance doing nothing at all except strolling on your own foot along the misty trails dotted with British country houses and churches or follow the tribes who come to Kalaw central market every 5-day. For most people, they prefer Kalaw to use as the base to explore surrounding hill tribe villages or as a starting point for the multi-day trekking tours to Pindaya or more typically to Inle Lake.


Trekking Trails around Kalaw

The surrounding hills of Kalaw, particularly to the west, southwest and east, are scattered with the hill tribe villages of Palaung, Danu, Danaw, Pa O, Taungyo and Intha. The numerous trails, which can be catered to ones exertion and fitness level, that lead to the mountain peaks with stunning views of forested Shan ridges; tealeaf, Sebastian and raps growing slopes; rice, fruits and vegetable growing lush valleys; and the friendly tribe villages where one could admire their unsophisticated lifestyle. In fact, the treks are not that demanding, and ranging from one day to multi-day trips as far as Pindaya Caves in the north and more enjoyable yet sensible trek to the western shores of Inle Lake. The later trail passes through the settlements of Palaungs, which belong to the Mon-Khmer language family, and can easily recognize by the striking costumes worn by the women. The trail then passes some Burmese-speaking Danu & Taungyo tribe villages, before it turns eastward into the territory of Pa O tribe, which belongs to the ethnic Karen and their multi-layer black costumes worn by the women interpret their mystic emergence in the human history. It is an exciting but convenient to sleep with the tribe villagers and at a monastery for two nights on the trek to Inle Lake. Your guides will arrange meals and sleeping bags while you only need to pay attention to the village visits, and take pleasure in the dazzling sceneries.




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