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Hot-air balloon festival

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About this event

Hot-air Balloon Festival – One of the best tribal festivals in Myanmar


Those who are looking for an awesome tribal festival, this is the one you shouldn’t miss.

The hot-air balloon festival aka. Lu Ping to the Pa O of the major ethnic tribe inhabited in Taunggyi, which lies at the altitude of 1430m, is probably the most well-known festival in all southern Shan state. This annual eight-day event is celebrated by releasing the hot-air balloons both day and night compete for attractiveness and height attained. During the day, animal figures are flown, and at night, there are fireworks and bamboo and gunpowder rockets launched, and lighted balloons are sent up as high as possible to reach the magnificent temple in Tavatinsa where Thagyarmin (aka Saka), King of the Devas, resides. Each balloon launch symbolizes the Buddhist hope of cleansing the human sins as the balloon slowly disappearing into the heavens. While night-time balloon competition is the more popular among the average crowd due to the larger size balloons and colorful fireworks, the balloons that fly at the day-time are equally exciting to see the skill of Myanmar craftsmanship as the entries compete with the shape of various colorful animals like fish, zebra, elephant, cow, rhino, pigeon etc.

The festival ground is a bit of country fair – one can sample one of many Shan / Pa O traditional foods; taste the rice wine or just curiously explore the carnival ground or experience robe weaving competitions and take part in the robe offering ceremony on the night before full moon.

The day-time competition starts from 13:00 to 1500hr and the night-time competition starts from 2030hr to 0300hr next day. However, the start and end times depend on the number of entrants thus can be changed a little bit. The last day, next day after the full moon day, has no competitions during the day. But in the night, there will be prize rewarding ceremony in the evening attended by the State officials and well-known tribe heads.

We cordially invite you to come and see this amazing, joyous, unforgettable Balloon Festival of Pa O tribe with us.






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