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Loikaw and Kayah State

Attractions in Loikaw and environ Accommodation in Loikaw Sample Itinerary

Attractions in Loikaw and environ

Hta Nee La Leh

A very interesting village where you can learn about Kayah traditional believes, festival and events like Kayhtoebo Hall and Shrines where animist traditions are still practiced, and the fortune telling by using the chicken bones which is the most interesting thing in this village. And Nat Shrines where one can learn about ancient tradition of ritual hunting. Besides, Kan Khon Na Sint, the beautiful 7 steps lakes, is the place that you shouldn’t miss!

Pan Pet

About 25 miles away from Loikaw through Deemawso, Pan Pet is an area with five villages where the famous Kayan or Padaung people lives. Here, you can learn about their traditions, language, and handicrafts. And enjoy interacting with these fun-loving and artistic people. Those who like to do the short or long treks, the chance is here!

Htee Pwint Volcanic Lake

The mud volcanic lake, named Htwee Pwin Kan is existed from the ancient Kayah traditions, is Located app. 12 miles from Loikaw. The heat and pressure they rise out of the earth beneath the lakebed and along with the mix of water and the muds from below bubble to the surface in the form of opened umbrella is probably how the lake got its name – Htwee Pwint Lake. Sometimes the muds pumped up to 9 inches above the water surface. However, this doesn’t happen everyday nor in the regular interval but depending on the luck and destiny of the visitor. The locals believe the wishes come true when their wishes were made at the right time when the mud forms into the umbrella shape.

Kyat Gu, The Ghost Cave

Located 10-mile away from Loikaw, this sprawling natural limestone cave has broken wooden boxes which are believed to be coffins from many years ago. Those who like to have an excitement, this is the one they should take!

Ngwe Daung Dam

The scenic man-made dam is located app. 10 miles south of Loikaw in Deemoso township, on the way to Pan Pet Kayan village. It is a local hotspot for leisure due to its beautiful sceneries with hills backdrop and restful atmosphere.

Lawpita Waterfalls

The Lawpita Waterfalls are formed by the famous Bilu Chaung (the Ogre Stream), which flows out of Inle Lake in the far north. The drive from Loikaw to No. 2 Hydro-electric plant on scenic 13-miles-long road though rubber plantations, orchards, and typical villages is very pleasant and scenic. There are two-steps and one step falls and required to walk around 20 minutes from where the car is left. It’s beautiful when the mist covers the tree tops and the falls. Swimming is forbidden due to unpredictably strong current and whirlpools. The visit required a special permit from regional military commend one day before.

Htee Se Khar Waterfalls

The most accessible and popular waterfalls is located 15 miles in the north of Loikaw, near Shan-Kayah border, on the road towards Se Saing and Taunggyi. The lush, green forest is surrounded the cold, clean stream that makes several refreshing waterfalls. Here, swimming is possible. There are two caves – Aung Thabyae and Lwe Tamu on this road that can be visited.

Loikaw City

There are a number of Buddhist temples including the town’s most revered Taung Kwe Zedi, Shwe Let War, and Mya Kalut Paya all located on the limestone hills overlooking the city and Shan mountain ranges in the distance. These pagodas are also great for view sunrises and sunsets. Loikaw has an amalgam of religious beliefs – there are many churches of various denominations, Buddhist monasteries, to Hindu temples, mosques and spirit totems poles. The Haw Kyaung, the former Shan Palace turned into a Buddhist monastery is also a place to be experienced.

It is also possible to visit the Kayah traditional weaving factory and buy the produces. Since there are a number of tribes in the region, it is a great way to discover various fashions worn by the different tribes.
There is a village named Daw San Boon just outside Loikaw to visit a few families of Kayan (the long-necked women).
The Thiri Mingalar Market is the largest in the town and there are also smaller local markets outside the town and also in Deemawso on the select days of the week (Mon, Wed, Sat) to see the local produces, sample local foods, and see the different tribes in the region.

The Naung Yar lake is located in the northern part of the town and good for strolling around during the hot days. A number of beer bars and teashops lined along the Bilu Chaung just north of the main market area.
The Kayah State Cultural Museum is the place where one could find out the history, culture, and artifacts of the Kayah State and its people.




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